CV Roberto L. Ventura

Roberto L. Ventura

Neurological Psychiatrist.

Dr. Roberto Leonel Ventura Brignoli, from Uruguay, is a Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Neuropsychologist. Author of books and publications worldwide on the subject of dementia, neuropsychology, frontal lobe pathology. International speaker. He is part of Dr. Mariella Guerra's team as a consultant and advisor.

Adjunct Professor of Neuropsychology at the Institute of Neurology of the Faculty of Medicine.

Adjunct Professor of Biological Bases of Human Behavior at the Faculty of Psychology.

Full member of the Parkinson and Abnormal Movements Section of the Faculty of Medicine.

Member of the Functional Psychosurgery Group of the Institute of Neurology.

Founding President of the Uruguayan Association of Alzheimer and Similar.

Co-founder of the Latin American and Caribbean Group of Dementias.

President of the Uruguayan Society of Neuropsychiatry.

Vice-President of the Uruguayan Society of Psychogeriatrics.

Head of the Neurology service of the Spanish Association of Uruguay.

Lecturer, author of several books and publications related to the subject of Neuropsychiatry.

Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Alzheimer's Association (position granted on April 30, 2019)