CV Mariella Guerra


CMP 15641 –; 940196019; 934 132 170

Expert in Mental Health, with extensive experience in memory, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's, among others. The consultation with Dra. Guerra offers personalized, timely, updated attention and with the standards that exist internationally, provided by expert professionals with national and international experience. The evaluation is comprehensive considering aspects of prevention and risk factors. It has advice and consulting from international specialists.

Information about the doctor
MD- PhD in Mental Health from King’s College London.

MSc. Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia (UPCH)

Psychiatrist. Geriatric Psychiatry Specialist with emphasis on Alzheimer's and Depression.

Medical Director of the Memory, Depression and Related Center.

Professor at Cayetano Heredia University.

Professor at the Catholic University of Peru.

Member of the Scientific Committee of Alzheimer IberoAmérica.

PI of 10/66 Dementia Research Group.

Principal Investigator - Population –based study “Life 2 Years”.

Principal Investigator - L2Y -10/66 ten years on - monitoring and improving health expectancy by targeting frailty among older people in middle income countries. ERC, UK & King’s College, London.

Principal Investigator Qualitative Study (EQUALS) Ensuring older people in Latin America and China are not left behind during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Member of the Board of Alzheimer's Disease International 2014-2020.

Founder and director of the Scientific Committee of the Peruvian Alzheimer's Association -APEAD-

Founder of the Psychogeriatric Unit of the Mental Health Institute “Honorio Delgado - Hideyo Noguchi”.

International consultant on issues related to mental health of the elderly.

Author of books and scientific articles of international publication.

National and international speaker.